Timber and Stone Builders create beautifully unique homes using reclaimed vintage materials. these heritage homes become treasures to pass down though family generations. They incorporate historical styles and reclaimed building materials of the past with modern building techniques of the present. 

The various textures, shades, and colors of the wood accent the rooms to simultaneously both blend with and help create the total warm and welcoming atmosphere. The wood is pre-1900 material reclaimed from structures around the country.

Timber and Stone Builders exhibit professional attention to detail. Knowing how different materials complement each other; and by combining timber, flooring, stone, stucco, and fixtures; they create a uniqueness that takes the home beyond the homeowner's expectations. The signature home style features of stucco, stone, and beams are influence by the Hill Country heritage and tradition. 

These one-of-a-kind homes are simple, yet elegant, and reflect the unique design and personality of the homeowner. The roots of the design come from pioneer historical architecture and influences. By combining modern building techniques with reclaimed vintage materials, a piece of artwork is created. The result is a pioneer-breathed-and-inspired home with all the modern amenities, stamped with vintage and historical accents. For example, the kitchens are often designed with stone and hand scraped countertops. 

We invite you to spend some time on our website, browse our GALLERIES of custom homes and projects, and CONTACT US to request a design consultation. Fell free to drop by our home office in the heart of the Texas Hill Country - Fredericksburg, or simply send us an email. There are samples of the various reclaimed woods available in the office. Clients are encourage to share in the adventure and process of watching the salvaged wood being brought to life. A Timber and Stone Builders representative will respond promptly to your query. We look forward to discussing your vision and how we can make your dream project a reality. 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

We truly believe in the 3R Timber Recycling Concepts: We can no longer ignore the impact we have on the earthy's ecosystems. Our environment has become compromised by the extreme usage and wasting of the natural resources. 

Timber and Stone Builders truly appreciates the beauty of vintage wood. It can be restored and recycled, helping us in saving natural resources.