What are Timber & Stone Semi-Custom Homes?

TIMBER & STONE BUILDERS will be offering Semi-Custom Home Collection inspired from our designs and plans over the past 12 years. We have value engineered these designs to bring the Timber & Stone Builders style and character to those who desire the quality and uniqueness of a Timber & Stone home. Our Collection of Homes range in style from Pioneer to Contemporary Farmhouse. Our plans offer a variety of sizes, floor plans, 1-5 Bedroom options, beautiful reclaimed timber accents and appeal as well as; Bunkhouses, Outdoor Kitchens, Barns, Dining Halls and Ranch Outbuildings. 

What role do you play upon purchase of the plan? Do you assist with the construction process?

Timber & Stone Builders provides turn-key construction within a limited mileage area. Please contact our office to see if your property qualifies.

There are changes that I would like to make to my plan. What is the process for this? 

Our staff at Timber & Stone can help with you any changes that need to be made to your plan. Please factor in that our team will need adequate time to review and adjust structural design.

I am on a budget. What is the best way to adhere to it?

These plans have been created with the ability to accommodate changes. However,  if you have extensive changes, we will create  a customized quote with your goals and budget in mind.  

What is a Semi-Custom Design Session? How long should I plan for it?

TimTimber & Stone Builders will contact you to schedule your Semi-Custom Home Design Session.  We will ask that you email your desired customizations a day or so before the Virtual Custom Design Meeting so that we may review them in preparation for the design session. This will allow us to make the most of your 1-4 hour design session. After the session, we will email you a revised Planning Set.

I have a limited budget, but am interested in custom designing a home. What options do I have?

All pre-designed plans can be customized to fit your needs. If you can’t go with a fully customized plan, consider looking at our plans here, and making adjustments to fit your needs.

What is the difference between a Schematic Planning Set and a Design Development Set PDF/ Design Development Set CAD?

A Schematic Planning Set includes 2-D drawings that show the basic floor plan parameters and exterior elevations. The Schematic Design phase is often the first step in the design process. A full Design Development Set PDF/Design Development Set CAD includes full construction documents needed to actually build your plan. These include pertinent information required for a contractor to price and build the project.